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Rapidshare Mass Downloader is a downloader application
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Deran ONAY

Rapidshare Mass Downloader is a downloader application. This application in particular works with the Rapidshare service. Said service allows users to upload files and share them by sending a link to the recipient party. Users have to download those files from the website, and the user has to input a confirmation code, wait a couple of minutes for a ticket to become available and then download the file, and specify where he wants to put it. There is a file limit for files uploaded there, so many times, a file will be sent in several parts, which makes the process more frustrating and time-consuming. This application will get rid of that limitation. Simply paste the link in the application, and it will take care of all the process and download the file to your computer. You can use the application to download several files at once, sequentially. Or you can paste several links on a text file and have the application batch-download them to your computer, saving you a lot of time. You can also grab links from a website. I guess people now use this kind of applications to download TV shows, since the screenshot at the website shows that. I tried downloading a file that I uploaded and I couldn't do it. I don't think I am doing anything wrong. Just a word of advice.

José Fernández
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